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                               Our Story

More than being a brand endorsing high-quality handmade products, Tarkaashi aspires to be a storyteller of the interesting tales about centuries-old art and craft practices (Explore our blogs to know more). Based out of Cardiff, UK, our core values lie in working with traditional livelihoods and designing bespoke products to suit contemporary decor, using ancient craft techniques

Inspired by India, all our products are handmade with techniques originated hundreds of years ago and passed onto generations, they are designed to promote traditional art & craft so it can thrive and become useful for the modern contemporary living. For instance, all our marble products are made by artisans whose ancestors once worked for the magnificent Taj Mahal, 400 years ago.


We at Tarkaashi believe that the delightful charm of slight imperfections in a handmade product can never be felt by a machine-made product. We love rendering traditional art techniques with clean lines and subtle colors and hope you like what we do! 




                 About the Founder

An architect turned entrepreneur, Deepika Bhardwaj spent over 7 years working on architectural & interior design projects before she went onto doing what she loves the most – Design & Art. Being an art lover from a very young age and having spent her childhood in New Delhi, India, traditional art & craft always fascinated her. She is a firm believer of– Do what you Love and Love what you do. Tarkaashi is very close to her heart and apart from being a delightful job, it’s a platform to connect with like-minded designers/artisans/artists around the globe and promote the treasured artisanal skills of ancient crafts.